Private Swim Lessons

All private swim lessons are 30 min in length and 1 student: 1 instructor. Ages 5 yrs+.

Students will be evaluated on the first day of class within the first 5 minutes and divided into groups based on age and ability. Students will be placed into Levels 1-10. Student progress will be recorded by the Site Supervisor and then logged & tracked in the Pike13 system. Pike13 is where you can register and see notes on your child’s progress. USA Swimming Certificates will also be handed out on the first day of classes to help track your child’s progress.

Kids Swim Lessons in Park Forest

Goggles are not allowed until a child is comfortable independently putting their face in the water. Goggles are not recommended for adults. Swim shoes are not allowed in the pool during lessons. No flotation devices are allowed during lessons. Students must wear a swimsuit and bring a towel. Swim caps are recommended for students to keep hair out of their eyes.
See a brief description of the levels below.

CELTS Swim School Level System

Levels 1-3
Basic survival skills, including, but not limited to: water adaptation, submersion, breathing technique, floating front/back & recovery, roll to breath, tread to swim, beginning sidekick & freestyle, and kicking front/back. 15 yards or less.

Levels 4-5
All the above skills, plus sidekick & correct freestyle breathing, bilateral breathing, backstroke, treading, and porpoising. 15 yards + each skill.

Levels 6-8
All the above skills, plus breaststroke kick & swim, butterfly kick & swim, turns & dives, endurance freestyle & backstroke, jump to tread, and object retrieval. Endurance work & swim 200+ yards. 25yds+ for each skill.

Levels 9-10
All the above skills, plus techniques, drills, and swim team mechanics. 300 yards + all four strokes. Jump to tread 2 min +. 50 yards-100 yards + each skill.

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