CELTS Swim School

Celts Swim SchoolCoach Eve Learn To Swim, (CELTS Swim School) has built a solid reputation as Chicago’s Southland premier swim lesson program for the past 20+ years. We are committed to providing quality service to the community and believe that a reputation as a progressive, accommodating program, focused on the individual swimmer is the recipe for success. While other programs may seek to profit from larger class sizes or offer shorter class periods, CELTS believes that small class sizes and consistent class lengths provide the best learning environment.

CELTS is a member of the America Swim Coaches Association (ASCA), World Aquatics Babies and Children (WABC), United States Swim School Association (USSSA), and American Learn To Swim Teachers (ALTST).


Our Lessons & Program

We offer USA Swimming Learn to Swim lessons for kids & adults ages 5yrs + of all abilities at Park Forest Aqua Center. Our level system is progressive, starting with basic survival and water adaptation and developing into competition-level swimming. Our company works closely with local Special Recreation Associations and has a patented toddler, youth, special abilities, advanced swim, and adult program.

CELTS Swim School Instructors

All of our instructors are USA Swimming certified and are trained for over 40+ hours before teaching and are always under supervision. We have a Site Supervisor overseeing all lessons and recording levels and progress. We also have certified USA Swim coaches on staff and all instructors that will be teaching lessons this summer will be Certified Lifeguards. We also offer private instruction for students who wish to have more one-on-one time. These classes are scheduled based on the availability of instructors. Please contact Amanda (info below) for scheduling.

Water Safety & Survival

Progression of Levels, Water Safety & Survival---What sets us apart from group lessons
Although we have a 10-level system, we do not hinder a student’s progress or learning if they are stuck on a skill. They may be categorized for record-keeping purposes as a "level 3" but are still taught additional skills that a Level 4 or 5 works to accomplish. When students get bored or "stuck" they stop having fun & this halts learning. We try to encourage practice and skills that increase chances of water survival, safety, and swimming with a particular focus on water survival & safety (float to swim to float; treading; breathing, etc).

In addition, a Site Swim Supervisor will be on deck at all times during lessons for recording, daily skill evaluations, checking child engagement, and keeping learning on track.

Feedback & Concerns

We encourage parents' and students' input, questions, and concerns. If a parent feels their child is not progressing, or an adult does not feel they are learning or would like a more in-depth explanation on skills & progression, we are more than happy to reach out and discuss their child's or their progress and work to achieve their goals.
In addition, if you know your child’s relative level based on the level system below, let us know! Our supervisors are trained to evaluate skills in less than 3 skill demonstrations, but we understand some kids are shy and maybe rusty on some of their swim skills.

Text or Call: Amanda at 630-849-4991
Email: Amanda.Costello@SwimChicagoSouthland.com

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